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Media Law

Press - publishing

  • Audit and drafting of publishing, joint publishing, translation, collection management, assignment of audio-visual adaptation rights agreements;

  • Litigation relating to press offenses before the civil and criminal courts;

  • Litigation relating to invasion of privacy, image rights and presumption of innocence matters ;

  • Drafting of authorizations relating to privacy and image rights;

  • Rights of reply in print or online media;

  • Proofreading of manuscripts;

  • Assistance on legal issues related to the authors royalties’ statements.

Cinema and audio-visual

  • Audit and drafting of writing, development, production, co-production (national and international), distribution, broadcasting, commission and option agreements; 

  • Audit and drafting of agreements relating to performers rights and technicians;

  • Assistance on legal issues related to financing plans (subsidies, sponsorship, CNC, SOFICA, etc.)

  • Legal audit of audio-visual works;

  • Litigation relating to cinema and audio-visual law.


  • Protection of advertising creations; 

  • Audit and drafting of advertising contracts (relations between advertising agencies and advertisers, advertising networks contracts, commercials production contracts, contracts for sale of advertising spaces etc.)

  • Products placement and sponsorship; 

  • Illegal advertising; 

  • Games.


Julie Niddam

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